Raw Honey from Westmount 320g


Raw Honey from Westmount 320g


From our very own city, comes Miel MTL. A local company dedicated to producing raw, unpasteurized, cold extracted honey. Cold extraction is important because it retains the flavour and nutritional benefits that heat extraction would not provide. Each jar is a unique blend of flowers to the area in which they live.

  • Westmount honey
  • Raw
  • Cold extracted
  • Local
  • Antiobiotic and cruelty free
  • 320 g

*Nicholas Melka, president and founder of Miel MTL is a passionate and conscientious beekeeper. From the queen selection, to ensuring our bees are healthy and happy in their colony, is just a fraction of the level of detail that goes into every step. Miel MTL not only produces delicious honey, but they help support our ecosystem by contributing to the population of bees in our city! With 16 hives in Montreal that are responsibile for over 100 million bees.



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