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We are L'Autre Choix

A High Quality Food Market.

We believe that eating is an agricultural act.

This translates into certain values. First, we feel a responsibility to support farmers who strive to farm according to the principles of sustainable and organic agriculture. Secondly, we feel a responsibility to provide our customers with food and products that are as far removed from the effects of industrialized agriculture as possible. Finally, we believe in responsible stewardship of the earth and that we must cherish the land. Our customers help us to support this principle through their patronage.

We believe in service with care.

This means that we make the effort to know our customers so that we can cater to their specific needs. These needs can often be profound and life-changing. Therefore when we stock our store, we are mindful of cancer-recovery health needs, diabetes, food allergies, gluten intolerance and many other circumstances that require special attention.

We strive to build trust and loyalty between farmers, producers and customers.

We nurture a positive cycle of supply and demand where customers support the organic farmers through patronage and the farmers are able to make a living through sustainable farming and continue to grow what customers want. L’Autre Choix fosters this relationship by making certain that customers receive access to food with a transparent farming and production history and we actively search for farmers and producers who can provision customer needs.

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